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Khulani Vegetable Garden Project is a project which operates under Khulani Children’s Shelter, at a site in Barwood Place. It was donated by the eThekwini Parks Department. The aim of the project is to grow vegetables and herbs to feed the people involved in the project, sell the excess to provide income, and to teach agricultural skills to adults and children involved in the process.

We offer music lessons for the children, for example piano, guitar lessons, and other musical instruments.

The Khulani Arts and Crafts Project seeks to improve the opportunities for children growing up amidst poverty and violence in Kwa-Zulu Natal by supporting personal expression and empowerment through the media of art. They get an opportunity create beadwork jewellery that could be commercialised.

Through the recording studio, external people can hire the studio to record music, voice-overs. do music mastering and etc…

We offer video and photography services, hence people can us hire us to do a photo-shoot, record a music video or even edit their videos for them.


We have a property in Umgababa that we hire out via the AirBnB platform.

We have a transport shuttle service that transports people from the airport to hotels around Durban.

The Khulani Stars Sports Academy was established as an extension of the Khulani Children’s Shelter in order to identify talent and develop skills, and provide recreational facilities in the community. The Club is committed to developing quality players by becoming directly involved with local communities and welfare organisations and includes disadvantaged youth from the surrounding areas in addition to residents of Khulani

The beauty spa offers, massage, reflexology, beauty, pedicure and manicure services.

We offer ballroom dance lessons to the children in the shelter.

We buy chicks, grow them for six weeks, and sell them as fully grown chickens.

Sippy The Cooking Teen.

This exciting donation initiative is aimed at collecting school uniforms, food parcels, and building material for the shelter.

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