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Our Background

The Shelter was formally registered as an NPO on 21 February 2003.  The Founder is Mrs Prudence Mwandla, who has had many years of experience in running a children’s home. Children who were previously cared for by her have successfully completed tertiary education, and are now gainfully employed. She is assisted by Ms T Zulu, a qualified Child Care Worker, Ms P Phiri and Ms T Mbuyisa, the cook/cleaner.

Khulani Children’s Shelter seeks to provide a loving, safe haven to cater for the physical, mental, social and spiritual needs of children who are at risk.

The vision of Khulani is to see orphaned and vulnerable children being rehabilitated into family and the community, and to provide life skills which will improve their quality of life in the future

The objectives of Khulani are to provide a good home for children in need of care, and to provide life skills training facilities for disadvantaged youth from the surrounding areas

  • Kindness

Being respectful and considerate regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation and cultural status

  • Hope

We believe that any situation can be turned into a positive outcome

  • Ubuntu

Practising humanity, compassion and goodness in all we do

  • Love

Having an open mind and caring heart and working together

  • Aspiration

Always encouraging our children and community to strive to reach their highest goals and ambitions

  • Nurturing

Providing a caring, supportive and safe environment

  • Integrity

Being honest, ethical and accountable for our behaviour

our main purpose for existence

Khulani Children’s Shelter was established to provide a Place of Safety for orphans, abused and abandoned children.

The Khulani Children’s Shelter is a registered non-profit organisation that provides a Place of Safety for orphans, abused and abandoned children in Kwa-Zulu Natal. It is currently registered to accommodate twelve children. Our purpose is to ensure that children who are orphaned, disadvantaged, vulnerable or at risk in some way are protected, supported, educated, loved and rehabilitated into family and the community, and provided with life skills which will enable them to become productive members of society

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